Our Home & Cottage Decorating Services

Welcome to Expressions of You Interiors Inc. where we offer a full range of interior decorating and renovation services to meet the needs of the smallest to largest residential or cottage decorating project. Whether you want to simply redecorate a living room, renovate a bathroom or select finishes for a home or cottage under construction, we can find solutions to fit your lifestyle, budget and preferences.

Our goals are to:

  • Save you time
  • Save you stress
  • Help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Provide one-stop shopping
  • Offer complete project management

Let our professional team assist you with any or all of the following:

Traditional decorating projects

Traditional decorating projects including

  • Furniture layouts and selection
    • Thorough measurements are taken of rooms you would like to have decorated, floor plans are drawn to scale and recommendations are made for size/shape of pieces to optimize available space as well as the functionality of each room. Good design starts with a good furniture layout that addresses how you will use the room and the desired mood you would like to create.
    • Fabric and furniture styles are sourced and recommendations are made to complement your desired style
    • Purchasing and delivery of specific furniture pieces are taken care of for you with your approval.
  • Colour consultations
    • Colour selection for walls, baseboards, ceilings, cabinetry, fabrics, etc. can be provided as required to create your desired mood or look in spaces and allow for harmonious transition from room to room within your home.
  • Art and accessories
    • Unique works of art and accessories are chosen to bring out the beauty of your space and harmonize with the look and feel you want to accomplish.
  • Custom window treatments
    • Window treatment solutions are designed to achieve desired results for look, style and privacy.
  • Fabric selection and creations
    • Have you ever been in a fabric store and been overwhelmed with the choices available? We can assist by narrowing down the options to a small selection of fabrics from quality fabric suppliers to meet all your decorating needs whether it be for window treatments, custom furniture or bedding.
  • Tile and flooring selection
    • From hard wood to area rugs to tile flooring, we can provide a solution to suit you.
  • Reupholstering
    • Do you have a favourite chair or piece that you just don't want to part with? Reupholstering is an option we can take care of for you. This includes fabric selection, refinishing or touching up woods, reupholstering as well as pick up and redelivery.
  • Lighting solutions
    • Complete lighting plans are available to ensure proper lighting for specific tasks and flexibility for creating any desired ambiance.
Renovations Large and Small

Renovations Large and Small including

  • Kitchen design and planning
  • Bathroom design and planning
  • Sourcing of all products
  • Project Management including the coordination of project with contractors, installers and trades people to manage all project details and to save you time and stress.
  • Space planning
New Construction Projects

New Construction Projects

In these projects I can work with you and/or your builder to:

  • Do space planning and design for bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces
  • Source and select any finishing materials including flooring, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinetry, stone, siding, etc
  • Design work including fireplaces, selection of finishing materials for walls, ceilings, etc
  • Select paint colours and fabrics for furniture to coordinate with all other finishing materials
  • All other traditional decorating tasks as outlined in that section

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