Renovation Portfolio


This home had several additions built on to it three years prior and the original stone fireplace from the original structure built in 1907 was still in place. A wood burning insert added several years prior was no longer sufficient to heat the new larger space. As well, the firebox was small and walls were covered in the original cedar slats, making the room very dark despite large windows.

The client wanted to:

  • Make the room feel brighter.
  • Build a new fireplace sufficient to provide greater heating and have the wonderful ambiance of a fire given a more significant viewing area.
  • Create an elegant cottage feel for this waterside home.


  • A new floor plan was designed, incorporating a larger zero clearance fireplace on an adjacent wall, thereby making the new fireplace the focal point of the living room as well as the open concept dining and kitchen areas. The owner’s desired seating for 10 in the living room was also achieved in the floor plan.
  • The old stone fireplace was removed over the course of six days.
  • The cedar slats were removed and replaced with drywall.
  • A new zero clearance fire place was built with a traditional hearth and wood beam mantle.
  • Floors, ceilings and beams were repaired as required.
  • The entire living, dining and kitchen areas were painted.
  • New light fixtures, furniture, coffee and end tables, area rugs and accessories were chosen to complete the elegant cottage look.
  • A 4’ x 8’ mirror was placed between wall sconces on the wall where the old fireplace used to be in order to reflect additional light back into the room.


The new fireplace is the beautiful focal point of this home and provides ample warmth in the winter to meet the majority of this home’s heating requirements. The great room is much brighter and the elegant cottage look achieved.